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Sep 18

The 7 Most Bizarre Car Mods We’ve Ever Seen

Car modification can be a great way to express the owner’s individuality, mechanical skills and sense of style – and many modders have created absolutely beautiful cars. These… Are not those. These are slightly more questionable modifications, ranging from putting a car on stilts to transforming it into a creepy, eldritch sofa. Take, for example: …

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Mar 13

How New Drivers Can Cut Their Car Insurance Down

Car insurance can be astronomically high for young, new drivers looking to get behind the wheel after passing their test. Here are a few things they can do to keep their car insurance quotes as low as possible: 1. Get an extra qualification before driving The Pass Plus course has many benefits. It can improve …

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Dec 15

The Competitive World Of Airport Transfers

The taxi market is an increasingly competitive one. Not only are there many rival firms jostling for customers in each of the United Kingdom’s major cities; they are also up against apps like HAILO and Get Taxi that allow customers to get a lift with the click of their smartphone. However, the market has never been …

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Dec 12

Top Tips For Hiring a Van

Hiring a van can be a lifesaver in those tricky work or home life situations. However, as with everything, there’s a right and a wrong way to do it. So don’t be left in the lurch – read our tips for a safe and useful van hire. 1. Identify Your Needs It pays to know …

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Dec 12

What’s Legal And What’s Not With Mileage Correction

What is Mileage Correction? Mileage correction is the manual ‘clocking’ of a vehicle’s mileage so that the meter assumes a desired reading. It is performed by specialist mileage correction firms and can be done on cars, bikes, vans, lorries and any other type of vehicle. Mileage correction is not technically illegal in itself; however, the …

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Oct 17

Truth or Myth: Are Car Sales Really a Good Indicator of Economic Growth?

Reports of rising car sales have had us excited recently, with growth in manufacturing and retail being traditionally regarded as indicators of a thriving economy. Just this month, it was reported that new car sales in Northern Ireland have risen by 9% compared to last year – the fastest sales growth area in any part …

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Sep 29

The 5 Best Cars For New Drivers

It is a great time for new drivers to invest in their first car with vehicle manufacturers making more competitively priced automobiles than ever. Whereas it was once a question of what car a new young driver could possibly purchase, it is now more a question of which to choose from. Here are five ideas …

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Aug 29

The Best Websites For Car Buying Info

Purchasing a new car often seems like a stressful, lengthy challenge. You are not only looking to find the perfect car for you; you are searching for the best value possible. However, the internet has made this challenge fairly painless. With a few decent websites it is easy to make sure you are making the …

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Aug 26

Roundup Of The Most Economic, Fuel Efficient Cars

As fuel prices seem to continue to go up and the environment becomes more important, the number of people asking their car dealer about how economic a car is seems to be on the increase too. Here is our round up of some of the most economic, fuel-efficient cars, in no particular order: Volkswagen XL1 To put …

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