Sep 18

The 7 Most Bizarre Car Mods We’ve Ever Seen

Car modification can be a great way to express the owner’s individuality, mechanical skills and sense of style – and many modders have created absolutely beautiful cars. These… Are not those. These are slightly more questionable modifications, ranging from putting a car on stilts to transforming it into a creepy, eldritch sofa. Take, for example:

The Faux-rari

Car Mods Faux-rari

The Catfish

Car mods catfish

The Chrome Roller

car mods chrome

The… Sofa? The Deep-Sea Monster? We’re Not Sure.

Car mods etf

The Stilt Walker

car mods high up

The Depressed Transformer

Car mods depressed

The… UFO? What is this?

car mods wtf indeed


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