Mar 13

How New Drivers Can Cut Their Car Insurance Down

car-insuranceCar insurance can be astronomically high for young, new drivers looking to get behind the wheel after passing their test. Here are a few things they can do to keep their car insurance quotes as low as possible:

1. Get an extra qualification before driving

The Pass Plus course has many benefits. It can improve your driving in more unusual circumstances such as wet conditions, for example, and it can teach you the correct way to use the motorway. However, perhaps theĀ greatest benefit is what pass plus demonstrates to insurers when you are looking for a quote. It signifies that you are not only capable of driving safely but are actively committed to learning how to be a more skilled and aware road user. It is likely to cut your insurance greatly.

2. Don’t even think about car mods

Car modifications do not look cool. And what’s more: they are not worth the expense. Getting customised wheel alloys, spoilers or body kits often seems to appeal to young drivers looking to make their cars unique. Anyone with sense, however, will see this as a red flag. After all, you might as well be driving through the street with the words ‘teen racer’ printed across the car’s body. Insurers aren’t blind to this either and will charge significantly more for insurance when they are told of these modifications.

3. Make your first car one that insurers favour

You probably have a dream car in mind, but you might want to wait a few years before you buy it. While the insurance rates are potentially enormous for new drivers, it may be cheaper to choose a vehicle that insurers favour until you have proven to them you are a safe road user. Cars like the Vauxhall Corse Hatchback, Volkswagen Up and Kia Rio are considered to be the most cost-efficient.

4. Think about having a black box installed

Lumping all young drivers into the ‘teen racer’ bracket is hardly fair. For every driver who disobeys the law and takes no consideration for other drivers, there are hundreds more that will be considerate and abiding road users. It’s an unfortunate reality, but you can prove to insurers that you are in the majority by installing a black box. Monitoring your speed, braking, cornering and more, your insurer will look at the data collected on the box and determine your insurance policy accordingly. In short: Drive well, pay less.

5. Join the same insurance company as your family

Insurance companies will look more favourably on your price if you have one or two other family members registered with them. Find out who your mother or father are registered to and perhaps consider them as the first place to call. You very well may receive a discount.

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