Dec 15

The Competitive World Of Airport Transfers

airporttaxiThe taxi market is an increasingly competitive one. Not only are there many rival firms jostling for customers in each of the United Kingdom’s major cities; they are also up against apps like HAILO and Get Taxi that allow customers to get a lift with the click of their smartphone. However, the┬ámarket has never been anywhere near as competitive than as it is right now in the airport transfer business.

Airport transfer companies provide a valuable service for travelers who wish to avoid the expensive car parks, the shuttle journeys and the petrol needed to get them to their place of departure. Companies provide them to most of the major airports in the United Kingdom with airport transfers going to Manchester, Liverpool John Lennon, London Heathrow and more. There are quite a few different taxi and transfer services that are providing airport lifts. This is forcing airport transfer companies to do innovative things in an attempt to standout from their rivals. Some are using technology to get live, up to the moment reports about road incidents. Others are providing deals for large parties to massively undercut the cost that a normal driver would incur.

It’s not just other companies that airport transfer businesses are competing against though. It’s also the general public. More and more people are beginning to reject airport transfer services in favour of simply asking a friend or family member to drop them at the airport instead. There are some obvious advantages to this. It similarly saves the costs of parking and allows you to get dropping directly outside the terminal as opposed to on a far-away car park. It is bringing about tough times for a lot of airport transfer businesses.

So what can airport transfer companies do to remain relevant in such a competitive marketplace? Well, for businesses trying to succeed in London, the answer is fairly simple. London’s airports have four or the top five most expensive airport transfer prices in the whole of the United Kingdom for customers who wish to take the train or bus. Taxi services can simple undercut public transport, promising to take customers right from the terminal to or from their accommodation.

In the regional areas of the United Kingdom, this is a lot more challenging. Airport transfer companies must figure out what it is that makes them unique – what makes them a better choice than a reliable colleague or family member – and deliver that to a high, professional standard.

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